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    Practical Energy:

    Making Your Energy Work For You

    October 30, 2023, Helsinki, Finland, Helsinki Education Week

    This is a Do and Try workshop where participants will explore the Daily Energy Routine by Donna Eden and explore how it can be used with learners in the classroom or at home to support cognitive, emotional, and physical functionality. Helsinki Education Week offers over 150 sessions, some online and some in person.


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    Ignite Your Spark

    August 14-25, 2023, Monterrey, México

    During this two-week training at Nezaldi Institute, we explored neuro-diversity, access needs, and how to use obervation to ignite the spark in learners. This bilingual, socio-constructivist school runs a unique ESL curriculum that offers inclusive communciation strategies. Community is at the heart of their pedagogy and English is part of the day-to-day learner experiences.

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    Project-Based Learning

    A realistic approach for the classroom teacher

    Karachi, Pakistan, January 22 and 23rd, 2019

    It was a pleasure to work with teachers from Generation's School and from Baithak School Network as the launch of our PBL initiative in Pakistan. My partner, e-Services and Technologies, and I are focused on making PBL techniques accessible to all types of schools so children from all walks of life reap the benefits.


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    Command the Room

    DI STEAM Xtreme 2019

    January 17-18, 2019, Karachi, Pakistan

    Improvisation workshops for students of all ages focusing on connecting with the skills needed to connect with your knowledge, be authentic, transcend stage fright and tell a story.

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    Dot Day Across Borders

    September 15, 2018, York Explore Library and Archives

    Teams of students from Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Portugal, UK, USA and Mexico explored their creative skills and shared amazing team creations.

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    York Culture Awards

    We are excited to announce that our Dot Day Across Borders event has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Outstanding Community Arts Project by Make It York.

  • What we offer

    Experiences, Workshops, and Sessions for Lifelong Learners of All Ages

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    Co-creation in context

    Educational project development and management can be overwhelming. I thrive on creating holistic solutions that address a root cause. If you have a project that you need to bring into a local context, I can guide your team through that process before implementation or as part of a pilot launch.


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    Live, Virtual Workshops COMING SOON!

    Learn, Grow, Break Barriers

    Find live, virtual sessions for teachers, parents and learners through the ChalkTalk portal run by my partner e-Services and Technologies. I build each session around the natural rhythms of learning and promote learner-led discovery through mentorship. Check in to see which workshops are currently live or upcoming. Topics ebb and flow with the rhythms around us, so check back frequently to see new topics.


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    Energetic Health COMING SOON!

    Self-awareness of your body, emotions, and mind

    More and more research supports the importance of the health of your sublt bio-field energies. By reinstating your natural energetic circulation and flow, you can counter the effects of the environment that often show up as anxiety, depression, apathy, tiredness, aches, pains, poor focus, etc. I currently offer Reiki and Eden Energy Medicine sessions. More information here.


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