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    Project-Based Learning

    A realistic approach for the classroom teacher

    Karachi, Pakistan, January 22 and 23rd, 2019

    It was a pleasure to work with teachers from Generation's School and from Baithak School Network as the launch of our PBL initiative in Pakistan. My partner, e-Services and Technologies, and I are focused on making PBL techniques accessible to all types of schools so children from all walks of life reap the benefits.


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    Command the Room

    DI STEAM Xtreme 2019

    January 17-18, 2019, Karachi, Pakistan

    Improvisation workshops for students of all ages focusing on connecting with the skills needed to connect with your knowledge, be authentic, transcend stage fright and tell a story.

    Dot Day Across Borders

    September 15, 2018, York Explore Library and Archives

    Teams of students from Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Portugal, UK, USA and Mexico explored their creative skills and shared amazing team creations.

    York Culture Awards

    We are excited to announce that our Dot Day Across Borders event has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Outstanding Community Arts Project by Make It York.

  • About Quanticopia

    Discovering a World of Possibilities


    erase the box

    Labels create boxes around a thought. The thought feels suffocated and can't grow or transform. But wait! There is a way to erase the box so the thought can shift and morph. No matter your age, you need a time and space to have fun exercising perspective.


    innovate through curiosity

    Trying to be"right" stunts curiosity and hinders innovative thinking. No wonder people have less capacity to creative problem solve. But guess what? Permission to explore materials and ideas as you see fit reverses that. Child or adult, you need permission to openly explore.


    synergy in action

    Any idea that springs to your mind is a conglomerate of images, feelings, memories, thoughts from everything you have experienced up to that point. Now imagine having access to that information times three! What could you accomplish being an effective collaborator?

    Global Cooperation

    connect to the flow

    Division and exclusion is a thing of the past. Communicating across cultures, languages and time zones expands experience and feeds curiosity. Technology is an ally for creating the human flow.

  • What We Offer

    Experiences, Spaces & Workshops for Children and the Inner Child in every Adult

    Immersive Experiences

    play and discover philosophy

    Creative Spaces

    explore without failure

    Team Building Sessions

    communication, creativity, talent

    Global Cooperation

    connect, share and shift

  • Quanticopia Global Partners

    Dedicated to global communication

    e-Services and Technologies


    Our focus is to bring quality international educational opportunities to Pakistan and to support and develop local educational opportunities and institutions.

    Maker Club



    The main objective of our programs is to inspire and empower young people to be creators and not just consumers of technology.

    Torrance Centre



    Our mission is to help all people access creative, critical and entrepreneurial thinking tools to consciously create a positive and sustainable impact.

    Janet's Planet


    United States

    Janet's Planet travels at the speed of thought and orbits around art and science mentoring for 3rd-5th graders!

    Instituto Nezaldi



    Dedicated to the development of autonomous human beings, consciously happy and socially responsible.

  • Behind Quanticopia

    My mission is to empower people to embrace their natural abilities for communication, creativity and perspective.

    Renee Rainville

    Director & Chief Awareness Instigator

    Renee is a project polymath. Interest in something and need to get that something done drives her to acquire new skills. Aside from being a career educator, she is a trainer and life coach. She has lived in various countries becoming immersed in their cultures and works to expand cross-cultural communication and understanding by highlighting the beauty she sees.


    She has been a TetraMap® Certified facilitator for 7 years and has worked with teachers, teams, not-for-profit organisations and students from over a dozen countries training and developing curriculum and running creative events. She is quick with a smile and is respected for her teaching, leadership, training and team-forming abilities. Quanticopia is the culmination of her learning and interest in helping people of all ages maintain a healthy relationship with their inner child.


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  • Creative Tools

    Bringing the child in you into harmony with the adult life you lead.


    transforms team performance

    TetraMap® enhances your communication skills while it keeps on giving. This tool succeeds through creative, interesting, fun activities and applies to both professional and personal growth in just one go. From team performance to planning a vacation, TetraMap® will become small talk with immediate gains. Renee has worked with students age 16 and up and professional adults in developing stronger communication awareness.


    TetraMap® is a registered trademark of TetraMap International in NZ and other countries. www.tetramap.com


    Permission for use of TetraMap® logo and graphics has been approved/granted by TetraMap® International.


    Points of You™

    creative tools for training and development

    Points of You™ expands perspective. This creative tool pairs incredible images with thought-provoking text that spark personal and professional reflection and growth. Another tool that keeps on giving, Points of You™ will provide direction and purpose.

    Play The Coaching Game taster.


    Points of You™ is a registered trademark of Points of You™. www.points-of-you.com


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